August 31, 2012

60 Mesh Atelier &Truth New!

Vestido:Reila Skins - Bohemian Summer 2 60 Mesh Atlier NEW!
Sapato:DADAbeiz High Stiletto Leather-Yellow NEW!
Cabelo:Truth  Marina -  light browns NEW!

Bolsa:CENSORED  Dudda Bag Mesh (Beige) 60 Mesh Atlier NEW!
Unha:BenS Beauty  Perfect Nail YELLOW Not Free
Anel:BenS Beauty :Melissa Ring Yellow Not Free

60 Mesh Atelier+DaDAbeiz+WTG

Vestido:[Chloe] - Dress Lizzy 60 Mesh Atlier NEW!
inicio dia 01/09
Cabelo:Truth Aurora -  light blondes Not Free
Sandalia: DADAbeiz  Doux High Pumps Orange NEW!

Braceletes: +WTG+ BamboO-S bangles NEW!
Colar e brincos: +WTG+ BamboO-S choker-earpierces NEW!

August 30, 2012

I love nature!

Vestido:Paper.Doll Strapless Sundress: Rosebuds FREE procurar por uma sacola
cabelo:Truth   Marina -  black & whites NEW!
Sandalia:Slink Ilena Sandals White Not Free

Colar:BenS Beauty Diana Necklaces Not Free
Unha:Izzie´s - Metallic Nails NEW!

DADAbeiz+Truth+Maxi Gossamer+BenS Beauty

Top:MDL -Gacha 05 L$20
Calça:  DADAbeiz: Crosses-Skinny Jean NEW!
Sapato: DADAbeiz:High Stiletto Leather-Black NEW!
Cabelo:Truth   Liberty -  browns NEW!

Colar Maxi Gossamer :Necklace - Pearls - Combo Sets and Singles - BLACK Not Free
Brinco e anel:  BenS Beauty   Hilly Earring & Ring NEW!

August 28, 2012

Tentacio+Truth+Fashion Voodoo

Vestido:Tentacio Luca dress,Stuff In Stock  L$50 NEW!
Sandalia:! Shoes Rose - 12colors REDGRAVE Not Free
Cabelo:Truth Aurora -  light blondes Not Free

Pircing nariz:LOULOU&CO  MINOTAUR Not Free
Pircing boca: LOULOU&CO Oircing Lips : LUCKY MOON Not Free
Tatto:Delusions Punky Skullie Neck Tattoo Pack Fashion Voodoo Event Not Free
Colar: Maxi Gossamer  Necklace Jewelled Skull and Heart Not Free

August 27, 2012

Le Forme+Chandelle+Truth+Maxi Gossamer

Vestido:Le Forme Fiesta Sweater Dress NEW!
Sapato:GBH #10 [Chandelle Design] Hunt procurar por uma flor
Cabelo::Truth  Ebony -  light blondes Not Free

Colar: Maxi Gossamer Necklace - Pearls  WHITE Not Free
Unha::Izzie´s - Metallic Nails NEW!
Bolsa:*YS&YS* TDR Cala Saona Bag FullPack L$70 @TDR


Outfit:[ SAKIDE ] Out of Asylum Outfit Black PERFECT WARDROBE NEW!
Skin:Modish:: Lamia FireLines  Fashion Voodoo Event NEW!
Cabelo:Truth Bria -  reds NEW!
Meias:Izzie´s  - Patterned Tights II Not Free

Brincos: Bens Beauty Skull Earring (silver) PERFECT WARDROBE NEW!
Unha::+WTG+ Prelude** bangles & jeweled nails Not free
Colar:[bubble] Wings Collar- White   Fashion Voodoo Event  NEW!
Mascara:[ bubble ] Love is Toxic Mask   Fashion Voodoo Event  NEW!
Tatto:.Delusions  Sleeve Tattoo - Sinners Remorse  Fashion Voodoo Event NEW!

August 26, 2012

Mayden Couture+Redgrave++WTG+

Vestido: *Mayden Couture*  - Kayla M Old Pink NEW!
Sandalia:Nikki - 12colors REDGRAVE Not Free
Cabelo:Truth Soleil -  browns Not Free

Colar e brincos: +WTG+ BamboO-S choker-earpierces NEW!
Braceletes:+WTG+ BamboO-S bangles NEW!
Unha:Izzie´s - Metallic Nails NEW!

August 25, 2012

Bereckless+Truth+BenS Beauty +Redgrave

Vestido:Bereckless Mesh Lace Dress Cream NEW!
Sandalia:! Shoes Rose - 12colors   REDGRAVE
Cabelo:Truth: Izzie -  light blondes NEW!

Unha: BenS Beauty  Perfect Nail WHITE Not Free
Bracete e anel:BenS Beauty  Madam Rose Bracelet &Ring Not Free
Bolsa:*YS&YS* TDR Cala Saona Bag FullPack L$70 @TDR

FBD+DADAbeiz+Jesylilo+BenS Beauty+ Maxi Gossamer

Vestido:FBD  Angels Off shoulder shirt NEW!
Sandalia DADAbeiz: Doux High Pumps 8 colors NEW!
Skin: Jesylilo Lazy Sunday LightSkin*19 (shape and eyes ) L$75 NEW!
Cabelo:Exile MIdnight in Paris: Light Blondes Not Free

Anel: BenS Beauty Spiral Ring Gold (texture change stone)NEW!
Colar: -Maxi Gossamer Necklace - Pearls - Combo Sets and Singles - PINK

Censored+Modish+truth+Black Glamour Hunt

Vestido:GBH #02 CENSORED L$L20
Sapatos:GBH #01 CENSORED L$L20
Skin:Modish:: Dunia Applepie {corrected}Structure Your Skin Project  NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth< Izzie -  black & whites NEW!

Colar e anel  Maxi Gossamer- Necklace - Silver Drop Pendant - Gold Agate Not Free

Black Glamour Hunt

Date: 25, August - 25, September
All items sold for 20L
Hint: Hint: Look for the Flower silver & black

August 24, 2012

Le Forme+Chandelle+Le Petits+Tram+BenS Beauty

Top: Le Forme Crochet Tops w/Tanks TeaRose NEW!
Saia: CHANDELLE - Skirt ThataB Black Not Free
Sapato:CHANDELLE - Shoe Cice #03 - pink NEW!
Cabelo:Truth Bella - light blondes Not Free

AcessóriosBolsa: Les Petits Details Shopping Bag* White NEW!
Boina::tram -cat beret[UNRIGGED MESH] NEW!
Anel: BenS Beauty:Love is Burning Ring NEW!

FBD+C'est la vie !+DURA+HW

Outfit:FBD Black mini meshes NEW!
Bota:Leverocci - Range Boots_Coal Not Free
Capa::C'est la vie !:: : Fairest of Them All! Hunt
Data de Início: 25 de agosto de 2012
Término: 15 de setembro de 2012
Cabelo: Dura-Girl*39(Blonde) NEW!
Skin: [Al Vulo!]- [ Alice ] - [ Natural Porcelain ]Press Not Free

Anel:.HW. HeXed -Ring Fashion Voodoo Event NEW!
Pose:Expressive Poses - Noah FREE

August 23, 2012

Sweet Girl!

Top:Eaters Coma: - Slashed Tank / Pink NEW!
Body:- CHANDELLE - Body Deb. white Fashion Voodoo Event NEW!
Calça:BUID- Mesh Alloy Pants (D-3) NEW!
Tenis:CJ Design. Racer Unite Basic II NEW!
Cabelo: Truth Valvet light blondes Not Free

Anel::BenS Beauty   Kiss Ring (SUBSCRIBE GIFT) FREE
Colar:MG - Necklace - Butterfly - Jewelled - GOLDCollarbor88 NEW!

Halloween Party 2012!

Date: 01-07 October
  •  Sponsors stores:
  • - GoK
  • - ::Modish::
  • - [Acide!]
  • - Scrub
  • - Tentacio
  • - Nikita Fride
  • - .::CENSORED::
  •  App. DESIGNER: Here
  •  App. BLOGGER: Here
Att. Cindy Oysternatz, Chandelle Resident

August 22, 2012

Gola New!

Skin:G O L A \ Alice in Wonderland-SKIN&SHAPE-Vintage Fair NEW!
Vestido:Paper.Doll: Perry: HotPink procurar por uma sacola FREE
Cabelo: ^;^CaTwA^;^Mesh Bella HairStyle/Light Blondies Promoçao,compre um e ganhe creditos para mais um cabelo.

August 21, 2012


Look 1
Top: Cake Top Ela Light green (mesh) - NEW!
Calça: GoK - Stormy Night Leggings Fashion Voodoo Event - NEW!
Sandália: DADAbeiz Doux High Pumps - NEW!
Cabelo: Truth Soleil - Not Free

Óculos: Maxi Gossamer SunGlasses - Milano Cats-Eye 40's
Colar, brincos e bracelete: Maxi Gossamer Annette Chain Necklace - NEW!

Look 2
Body: Chandelle - Body Deb. black Fashion Voodoo Event - NEW!
Saia: GoK - Retro Dazzle Skirt Red Fashion Voodoo Event - NEW!
Botas: DADAbeiz Lace Ankle Boots - NEW!
Cabelo: MINA Hair Ingrid - NEW!
Skin: Jesylilo Dalal - NEW!

Unhas: BenS Beauty  Perfect Nail red
Anel: BenS Beauty  Spiral Rings - NEW!
Brincos: BenS Beauty  Aurora Earring Re
Braceletes: BenS Beauty  Hoop Mesh Bracelet Red


Blusa:.::CENSORED::. Sweater 4 Fashion Voodoo Event NEW!
Calça:.- CHANDELLE - Pants Bree black/red [MESH] Fashion Voodoo Event NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth< Froukje - black & whites Not Free

AcessóriosUnha:Party Skulls Nails SPLASH NEW!

August 20, 2012


Vestido:GoK- Summer Zebra Romper Limited bazaar NEW!
Sandalia: "Scandal Black Heels" (mesh) DADAbeiz - NEW
Skin Jesylilo::::Helena:::*LightTanSkin NEW!!
Cabelo: Dura Boys&Girls*34 FAT NEW!!

Colar e brincos:MG - Necklace - Madrah FaMESHed NEW!!
Anel:GoK- Fake Triple Ring Black Fashion Voodoo NEW!!

August 18, 2012


Vestido::Cake Silk dress pink-mesh(GROUP GIFT AUGUST!!!)FEE
Sandália:[Lacely heels Satin Kiss/D.kis] Angelic Lefevre Couture Not Free
Cabelo:>Truth< Marina - light blondes NEW!

Colar:MG - Necklace - Owl - Jewelled - GOLD+SILVER Collarbor88 NEW!
Relógio:SPLASH Grunge Watch White NEW!

August 17, 2012


Body:- CHANDELLE - Body Deb. white Fashion Voodoo NEW!
Jauqueta:- CHANDELLE - Jacket Ty. white [MESH] Fashion Voodoo NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth< Bria - light browns NEW!
Skin:JeSyLiLO GroupGiftSkin:::*HappyEid FREE com tag do grupo ativado,adesão de
Chinelo:Slink Aussie Thongs White Not Free


Colar e brincos:MG - Necklace - Angel Wings Jewelled - GOLD+SILVER Collarbor88 NEW!
Anel:::MG- Rings - Fez - Gold-Silver Not Free
Oculos:::MG - SunGlasses - Milano Cats-Eye 40's Classic Not Free

August 16, 2012

Tentacio+Cake+Red Mint+PERFET WARDROB

Top colar e anel:*Tentacio* Nerd power PERFET WARDROB NEW!
Saia:Cake Skirt pant black-mesh NEW!
Bota::( r )M:~Shoe "Riven Boot"~No.02 (Mesh) NEW!
Cabelo:Cabelo LaViere- Freya Blonde Not Free

August 14, 2012

FZaPP+BenS Beauty+MG

Vestido:FZaPP Mesh Dress Style 04 NEW!
Sapato:N-core EMPORIUM "Pure Black"  Not Free
Cabelo:[e] Thrive - Essentials Collection Collarbor88 $L88


Braceletes:FZaPP Bracelets Lindo Gold NEW!
Anel:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Vintage Ring 2  Vintage Fair NEW!
Unha:.:: BenS Beauty::.. Perfect Nail RED NEW!
Colar ::MG: - Necklace - Lost Eden Sun Pendant Not Free

GoK+C'est la vie !+Truth+Dollarbie

Top:Crazy* Everyday tank $L1
Jaqueta:GoK- Panel Cardi Maroon Vintage Fair NEW!
Shorts:::C'est la vie !:: Bow short pants(plain flamingo)mesh NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth< Elsa - blondes NEW!


Flor no cabelo:Izzie´s - Hair Flower peach Not Free


Vestido:- CHANDELLE Dress Lie pink [MESH] FREE - Luck Letter letra da sorte
Sandalia:- CHANDELLE - Shoe Barbie nude - ONLY Fashion Voodoo 5L
Cabelo::>Truth:< Milly - light blondes Not free


Colar e anel:: MG: - Necklace - Silver Drop Pendant - Pink Agate Not Free

August 12, 2012

NS+Truth+BenS Beauty

Outfit:NS:: Blossom Outfit NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth< Elsa - light browns NEW!


Colar:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Sun Necklace Pink & Gold NEW!
Anel:..:: BenS Beauty::.. Sun Ring Pink & Gold NEW!
Unha:.:: BenS Beauty ::.. Perfect Nail OLDROSE NEW!

Modish (Fashion Voodoo)+Truth+BenS Beauty+FREE

Outfit:[wear to open] LIKKA*HOUSE Alrescha -baby- : Group Gift FREE
Skin:::Modish:: ShweeterU-Fatale Fashion Voodoo NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth< Soleil - colours NEW!


Unha:..:BenS Beauty:::Perfect Nail PINK
Brinco:..::..:BenS Beauty: ::.. Aurora Earring Pink NEW!
Anel:..:: ..:::..:BenS Beauty::.. Melissa Ring Rose NEW!

Pink Ribbon+Fashion Voodoo+Truth

Body:GoK- Teaser Bodysuit Pink Pink Ribbon Fair NEW!
Jaqueta:GoK- Minnie LH Varsity Pink Ribbon Fair NEW!
Meias:GoK- Thigh High Socks Black Pink Ribbon Fair NEW!
Skin:[ S H O C K ] Dakota - Noire V1 (Pale) Fashion Voodoo NEW!
Cabelo:>TRUTH< Soleil - light blondes NEW!


 Hairband::GoK- Minnie Bad Girl Head Band Pink Pink Ribbon Fair NEW!
Tatto:Tenjin Dragon Lady Tattoo Not Free
Pircing: SuPerBiaPierCinGs *SeT 3* Not Free
Pircing: SHOCK Claws of Death Piercings Not Free
Luvas:.:LOULOU&CO *:. - Gloves :: LOLITA :: Black Not Free

August 11, 2012

Cake+Xplosion+Cj Design+Truth

BlusaCake :Mesh-jacket university-Blue NEW!
Calça::*X*plosion*X*Raw Slimfit Jeans (CaptnAmex) V2 NEW!
Tenis:.::CJ Design--Mesh:. Racer Unite Basic NEW!
Cabelo:>Truth < Elsa - light blondes NEW!

GoK+TRUTH+Vintage Fair

Macacão:GoK- Belbottom Jumpsuit Teal NEW! Vintage Fair
Cabelo:>TRUTH< Soleil - browns NEW!

Bracelete:.. BenS Beauty::.Spikes Mesh Bracelet (Bronze) NEW!
Anel: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Vintage Ring - NEW! Vintage Fair
Unha:..:BenS Beauty::.. Perfect Nail WHITE NEW!
Colar brincos:MG - Necklace - Lydia Lattice Pearl NEW!  Vintage Fair