November 20, 2014

The fashion world

Jacket AMITOMO.Stadium  Kustom9 NEW!
Skirt -Pixicat- Autumn  Kustom9 NEW!
Boots  The Sugar Garden Preppy Boots - Black NEW!
Hair *Soonsiki~Troubles *Browns* Sad November - NEW
Skin *(OO)*YUKI)  Mati Mouth [[CR]] Nyam Nyam
Eyes {S0NG} ::Yuki  Kustom9 NEW!

November 18, 2014

The world is more colorful with animals

Dress (all)*katat0nik* (Standard) Fitmesh  Kawaii project NEW!
Shoes {Mango Cheeks} Adeline
SocksKC Couture   Cuteseh Socks For Slink & SL Feets /WEAR NEW!
Blush(*ANGELICA) COLD OUTSIDE BLUSH @ The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
Hair  Magika [01] Beans NEW!
 Bambi Intrigue Co. - Kawaii K-9s: Bambi : Kawaii project NEW!
Pose {Imeka} Bessie Kustom9 NEW!

November 16, 2014

I love kawaii

Sweater skirt* VinCue ~ Fally+Skirt - Candy Kustom9 NEW!
Shoes Sweet Thing. Sweet Doll Heels Kawaii project NEW!
Bag Sweet Thing. Sweet Doll Kawaii project NEW!
Head The Sugar Garden Mizu Mesh NEW!
Eyes The Sugar Garden Summer  Honey
Socks Izzie's - Sheer Toeless Stockings The Dressing Room NEW!
BowsOlive. the Sweet Bows Gacha  Kustom9 NEW!
Hair .Olive. the Song Kustom9 NEW!
Pose  Purple Pose

November 14, 2014

Back to school

Outfit [MotiAme] Cheerleading Uniform / Jacket @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Boots ::C'est la vie !:: Myra boots(black)mesh The Chapter Four NEW!
Hair Sweet Thing. RiRi @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Skin (*ANGELICA) NAMI GACHA @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Eyes (*ANGELICA) SPARKLING @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Socks  Izzie´s - Lace Overknees NEW!
Glasses::C'est la vie !:: Vivi glasses Gacha @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
 Cap 2PM.  PANDA All NEW!
Pose 2)  Izzie´s  Leaning Poses (TDRF)

November 13, 2014

I want the scent of flowers

Dress  Les Petits Détails*Mandarino* Dress-Coat Blue (Mesh)NEW!
Shoes {Mango Cheeks} Priya Pumps [Dark]@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Socks  Izzie´s - Lace Overknees NEW!
Hair .ploom. Mystic - Blondes Fantasy Gacha Carnival - NEW!
Skin *_M.birdie story_*Bongsook @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Eyes  The Sugar Garden Summer Eyes - Light Brown
Accessories .Atomic. {Balloon Animal} Jewelry Set Cirque de Seraphim  NEW!

November 12, 2014


16 Makeup options

15 Expressions
Available in 8 tones: a,b,c,d,e,f&vampy

Outfit ::C'est la vie !:: Sarah school looks(knit sakura)mesh@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Shoes Blah. ( My Petit Frill Boots ) Black The Big Show NEW!
Socks Izzie's - Sheer Toeless Stockings  The Dressing Room NEW!
Hair .Atomic. {Hair} Hello Dolly - All Colors  Cirque de Seraphim  NEW!
Necklace Cocoroni : Calculators Hotpink@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Eyes The Sugar Garden Summer  Honey
Head The Sugar Garden  Mizu Mesh NEW!
Pose [ ReveriE ] Cheerleader

November 7, 2014

I love my fox

Dress.tsg. Sexy Miko - Lavendar )@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Shoes .tsg. Pawprint Geta - Pink )@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Hair  [LCKY] Janine NEW!
Head  *(OO)*YUKI)_ _Mika Mesh Gacha NEW!
Body-Belleza- Venus version V 0.02.
with new updates
Eyes  *(OO)*YUKI)_  Babi Eye (Group Gift)
Fox .{PSYCHO;Byts} Fox White Cirque de Seraphim  NEW!
Fox .{PSYCHO;Byts} Fox Orange Cirque de Seraphim  NEW!

November 6, 2014

Do not let misunderstanding drive thee people

Outfit Mikunch     Apron dress (ALL change HUD pack)@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Mikunch     A-N-YO (for Apron dress)@Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Hair * Dura-Girl*56 FAT
Head  *(OO)*YUKI_Soho Mesh 100L(gacha) NEW!
Pose  Purple Pose Friends 97

with photos Dyana Rain Thank you so much !!<33333

November 3, 2014

Xiasumi school Festival open!

Outfit *Cila*Cafe Princess @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Shoes Blah. ( My Petit Boot ) White (Slink Mid Feet) Sad November NEW!
Hair *Soonsiki~ F.Bomb @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Head *(OO)*YUKI_Weeni Mesh  @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Cat*Tentacio* Lazy @Xiasumi School Festival NEW!
Socks . tsgPrincess Socks - Solid White

November 1, 2014

I want ice cream with friends

Dress **Honey*Soul-NoSleeve-Tunic-Nana (information) Kawaii Mini Hunt NEW!
Shoes Apple May Designs Sampler - Bowtie Flats NEW!
*Grab them in 'Orange Polka' as this week's 25L special! *Ends 10/31*
Hair -LaViere- Sabrina   Reds Future Home NEW!
Head *(OO)*YUKI_Juliet (The Chapter Four) The Chapter Four NEW!
flowey original's / boo-nana pop! - Trunk or Treat!Future Home NEW!
Cute little Dryad  (information) @Xiasumi Scool Festival NEW!
Pose Bounce This Poses - Candy The Dressing NEW!