December 8, 2014

I want to be sweet day

Dress*Epic* Snowflake Princess T.C Mini Winter Trend 2014 NEW
Shoes *Epic* Snowflake Ombre Princess Pumps! {Moon}Winter Trend 2014 NEW
Hair [LCKY] Aya / (REZ&OPEN) The Big Show NEW!
Glasses  {Mango Cheeks} Reindeer  The Chapter Four NEW!
Head The Sugar Garden Mizu Mesh Head X Tone
Eyes (*ANGELICA) WATERY  Winter Trend 2014 NEW
Necklace MG  Kirenna Fey Teadrop Collar Fameshed NEW!

Hair [LCKY] Helli // (REZ&OPEN) Winter Trend 2014 NEW
Hair [LCKY] Winter // WINTER TREND  REZ&OPEN) Winter Trend 2014 NEW

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