December 19, 2015

moments in the snow

Dress  *LpD* - *Damienne*The Instruments  NEW!
Boots*Cila*Fairy Kei Ribbon@ The Kawaii Project  N E W!
Hair   TRUTH HAIR   Bernadette NEW!
Socks   Izzie's - Reindeer Tights @ TLC NEW!
[Black Bantam] Standing Little Kitten - Orange Tabby F Her RARE  @Kustom9 NEW!
[Black Bantam] Standing Little Kitten - Cirra Calico F Her RARE  @Kustom9 NEW!

Izzie's - Snow Willy (Santa) The arcade NEW!
Izzie's - 14 Sleeping Snow Willy(beanie)  The arcade NEW!
Izzie's - 06 Fancy Snow Willy (scarf) The arcade NEW!
 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Benching with Frosty RARE The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Lumberjack COMMON The Liaison Collaborative NEW!

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