February 29, 2016

My day is colored with you

Shirt.tsg. Masters Shirt - Pink Hentai Fair NEW!
Lingerie Milk Tea: Lilith in White NEW!
Hair Moon. Hair. // Often @Kustom9 NEW!
Collar Sweet Thing. Clear Kitty Collar - White @ The Arcade (March)NEW!
Skin  The Sugar Garden  Eun-Seo :: A tone :: Bust :: Brown :: NT - Soft Body
Eyes  The Sugar Garden  Dark Skies - Light Brow
Mouth  [KiiKo]   Mesh lips -06

February 26, 2016

I still hope you

Top Shorts [Pumpkin] Top & Shorts -Striped Tres Chic Event NEW!
Shoes "mignon." -Glam Heel. Tres Chic Event NEW!
Hair Amacci Hair - Kendra - Tres Chic Event NEW!
Eyes NINI:3     Milu eyes_brown  SaNaRae Event NEW!
Glasses [Since 1975] - Starie Glasses  Tres Chic Event NEW!
Pose  Label Motion - Pouf

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Trumpet Pillow  @Kustom9 NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Chair Light  @Kustom9 NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Vinyl Record Box  @Kustom9 NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Table Light  @Kustom9 NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Record Player Dark - RARE  @Kustom9 NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Clock Light  @Kustom9 NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Frame Light  @Kustom9 NEW!
:Bee Designs :Whistler .Beige rug  Whimsical Event NEW!

February 25, 2016

Best friends

Look 1
Sweater Collar    !1mm***   Sweat shirt Change NEW!
Skirt  !1mm***   mi-mollet skirt herringbone pink NEW!
Bag ::C'est la vie !:: Julia Bag crossbody(tan)-RARE @ Lost and Found NEW!
Hair  TRUTH HAIR Carmela NEW!
Eyes NINI:3 Milu eyes_brown  SaNaRae Event NEW!

Look 2
Top NYU - LazyDay Top, Blue Fameshed NEW!
Skirt NYU - LazyDay Skirt, Red Fameshed NEW!
Hair [Entwined] Isobel We <3 RP NEW!
Eyes NINI:3 Milu eyes_khaki SaNaRae Event NEW!
Hairband Magika

Look 3
Top skirt . offbeat . pick me up @ Lost and Found NEW!
Hair  TRUTH HAIR Emeline NEW!
Eyes NINI:3 Milu eyes_Blue SaNaRae Event NEW
Pink Acid Global Warming Flamingo Ice Cream  The Chapter Four NEW!

My world of roses

Dress *Cila*Rose Sweet Gown The Kawaii Project  NEW!
Hair Doe: Macey (solid) Whimsical Event NEW!
Bucket #Foxy Flower @ Lost and Found NEW!
Eyes NINI:3     Milu eyes_brown  SaNaRae Event NEW!
Skin VCO 

February 22, 2016

My vintage world

Outfit =Zenith= Twin Bow Dress (Red Stripe) -Maitreya@Kustom9 NEW!
Eyes NINI:3     Milu eyes_brown  SaNaRae Event NEW!
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] Chizu   @ Lost and Found NEW!
Make-up [KiiKO] Lip 08 -apricot RARE SaNaRae Event NEW!
Pet [Black Bantam] My Loving Poodle @Kustom9 NEW!


.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha Boxes 2  Whimsical Event NEW!
.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha Suitcases  Whimsical Event NEW!
.:Bee Designs :Whistler .Beige rug  Whimsical Event NEW!
.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha - Chaise Longue  RARE  Whimsical Event NEW!
.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha Table & Mirror  Whimsical Event NEW!
.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha Frames  Whimsical Event NEW!
.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha Pillow RARE  Whimsical Event NEW!
Sway's [Guitar] Shelf . with decoration @ Lost and Found NEW!

Time to go to work

Outfit FIX) miwa's airship -LoveYourself Shiny Shabby NEW!
Barets miwa's airship -LoveYourself  Shiny Shabby NEW!
Shoes Momento. Buckle Ankle Boots gacha @Kustom9 NEW!
Hair .Entwined. Alexis Shiny Shabby NEW!
Bag -David Heather-Water Creature @Kustom9 NEW!
Skin VCO ~ Doran Skin Gacha
Tatto   [hariboo] [hariboo] sweet cream face tattoo gacha 03 NEW!
Pose Label Motion - Breakfast Subscriber GIFT
Necklace Belle Epoque { Heaven Necklace }  SaNaRae Event NEW!

Kalopsia - Beatrix Venus Statue  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Kalopsia - Beatrix Bench  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Kalopsia - Beatrix Bench  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Kalopsia - Beatrix Bird House - Hanging  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Kalopsia - Cherry Leaves Floor  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Kalopsia - Beatrix Flower Pot  @ Lost and Found NEW!
uK - Whimsy Trinkets Key to Peace    Whimsical Event NEW!
uK - Whimsy Trinkets  Wood Sort Tray  Whimsical Event NEW!
uK - Whimsy Trinkets End Table  Whimsical Event NEW!
uK - Whimsy Trinkets Heart Boxes Whimsical Event NEW!
uK - Whimsy Trinkets Hydrangeas Pitcher Whimsical Event NEW!
uK - Whimsy Trinkets Time Frame Whimsical Event NEW!
[n.i] on.display.3  @ Lost and Found NEW!
[n.i] on.display.1 RARE  @ Lost and Found NEW!

February 21, 2016

Beautiful garden

Outfit Bunny Corset Big pink @The Hentai Fair 2016
Shoes Cloud. Ava Strap Platform(Maitreya) RARE  Whimsical Event NEW!
Tatto  [hariboo] sweet cream face tattoo gacha 02 NEW!
Eyes[ MUDSKIN ]_Liquid Eyes3@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair Stealthic - Heaventide  Whimsical Event NEW!
Necklace #187# Tassel Necklace ZE BIG Whimsical Event NEW!
Tongue [CX] Tied Tongue (Pastel Tones)Whimsical Event NEW!

striped mocha - small fairy tree Whimsical Event NEW!
+Half-Deer+ Pastel Button Mushroom - Orange @Kustom9 NEW!
+Half-Deer+ Pastel Button Mushroom - Pink B@Kustom9 NEW!
*AF* Bird Cage  Whimsical Event NEW!
+Half-Deer+ Bunny helps with the Decor (Snow)
 +Half-Deer+  Crane the Lightbringer - Silver

Credito< Bellinha Aquila ♥

February 19, 2016

kawaii girl

Skirt and top .tsg. Latex Play Set - Pink The Kawaii Project  NEW!
Accessories  Astralia - Moon queen  Whimsical Event NEW!
Skin (*ANGELICA) KITTIE The Kawaii Project  NEW!
Tatto . CIRCUS .Cry Babe makeup thank you Snow <33 NEW!
Eyes [ MUDSKIN ]_Liquid Eyes8 @Kustom9 NEW!

February 16, 2016

I love my pets ♥

Dress FATPACK - RINKA - Rievna Tres Chic Event NEW!
Sandal N-core NIKA "Fatpack" for High Feet Collabor88 NEW! 
Hair Tableau Vivant \\ Domino hair - Blonds (unpacked) Collabor88 NEW! 
Skin-Glam Affair - Sasha skin - Artic 03 B Collabor88 NEW! 
Bag Belle Epoque { Chloe Satchel } WHITE @ Cosmopolitan NEW!
Pose Fashiowl - I am Safe - Pose Tres Chic Event NEW!

{CE} Morning Glory Cabinet ~ TC Tres Chic Event NEW!
{CE} Morning Glory Dining Room Table Tres Chic Event NEW!
{CE} Morning Glory Dining Room Chair Tres Chic Event NEW!
{CE} Morning Glory Dining Room Table Tres Chic Event NEW!
{CE} Pendant Drum Lamp {White & Blue} TC Tres Chic Event NEW!
{CE} Decorative Plate {Large Floral} TC Tres Chic Event NEW!
[ keke ] shimmer heart @Kustom9 NEW!
floorplan. merde print @Kustom9 NEW!
floorplan. farmhouse counter @Kustom9 NEW!
 Tentacio Cat sweet home
Tentacio Cat I haven't gone to the bathroom
 Tentacio Cat Play?

Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016

Top LAZYBONES - Joanna Bralet - Flowers - Maitreya Lara Flower Power 2016 NEW!
Shorts LAZYBONES - Rolled Up Shorts - white - Maitreya Lara Flower Power 2016 NEW!
Skin *(OO)*YUKI_(Milk) Rumi Skin 01@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair pr!tty - Valentina - [Blondes]  @ Hairology NEW!
Necklace ^^Swallow^^ Lock of Love
Pose +H-D+/Le PC *Kitty Galore* Kissy Suzukitty (Cat) Collabor88 NEW! 
+H-D+/Le PC *Kitty Galore* Set 3 - Cuddle Companion (Wear) Collabor88 NEW! 

[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Armchair - Adult The Chapter Four NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Rug The Chapter Four NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Boxes The Chapter Four NEW!
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine -  3 Balloons The Chapter Four NEW!
dust bunny & O.M.E.N . lovebirds . white . with cage  Collabor88 NEW! 
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtains [White Set]  Collabor88 

February 12, 2016

I love my pigs

Shirts ::C'est la vie !:: Ritva shirts (mustard) The Chapter Four NEW!
Boots [monso] My Winter Boots - Camel Shiny Shabby NEW!
Hair Opale . Lily Hair & Barrette  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Pewpew! Piggy - Caster RARE   SaNaRae Event NEW!
Pewpew! Piggy - Princess RARE   SaNaRae Event NEW!
Skin  VCO ~ Doran Skin Gacha {007}


Sway's [Ido] Beanbag  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Kei's Repurposed Phone Booth Bed  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . empty  @ Lost and Found NEW!
Pewpew! Bunny Frame @ Lost and Found NEW!
Pewpew! Dog Frame @ Lost and Found NEW!
Pewpew! Fish Frame @ Lost and Found NEW!
*katat0nik* (cherry) Art Shoes
-ATTIC- White Paper Cranes Rain Curtain RARE
AZOURY - Frimousse Deco (Blue)@ Lost and Found NEW!

February 10, 2016

My world magical

Dress *Cila*Faey Flower  SaNaRae Event NEW!
Skin [MUDSKIN]_Abby_S2 NEW!
Hair  TRUTH HAIR Carmela NEW!
Shoes The Sugar Garden Ruffle Heels NEW!
Collar  The Sugar Garden  Ribbon Collar - Lilac [Rigged] NEW!
Headband  [LKCKY] Baby Unicorn Headband - Princess 
Wings  Dear Deer & antielle. Winged Sweatshirts (Lilac) 

February 8, 2016

New releases for events

Look 1
Shirts NYU - Buttoned-Up Long Sleeve Shirt The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
Skirts NYU - Belted Denim Skirt The Liaison Collaborative NEW!
Head *(OO)*YUKI_(Milk) Reea The Chapter Four NEW!
Hair hat pr!tty - Mayberry - [Blondes] The Chapter Four NEW!
Pet [Black Bantam] Pitbull Puppy/Boy - Red Nose RARE @The Garden Gacha NEW!

Look 2
Outfit dami,think about you gacha   The Chapter Four NEW!
Hair  TRUTH HAIR Carmela NEW!
Head *(OO)*YUKI_(Milk) Reea The Chapter Four NEW!
Pet [Black Bantam] Pitbull Puppy/Boy & Bandanna  Black RARE  @The Garden Gacha NEW!