February 21, 2016

Beautiful garden

Outfit Bunny Corset Big pink @The Hentai Fair 2016
Shoes Cloud. Ava Strap Platform(Maitreya) RARE  Whimsical Event NEW!
Tatto  [hariboo] sweet cream face tattoo gacha 02 NEW!
Eyes[ MUDSKIN ]_Liquid Eyes3@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair Stealthic - Heaventide  Whimsical Event NEW!
Necklace #187# Tassel Necklace ZE BIG Whimsical Event NEW!
Tongue [CX] Tied Tongue (Pastel Tones)Whimsical Event NEW!

striped mocha - small fairy tree Whimsical Event NEW!
+Half-Deer+ Pastel Button Mushroom - Orange @Kustom9 NEW!
+Half-Deer+ Pastel Button Mushroom - Pink B@Kustom9 NEW!
*AF* Bird Cage  Whimsical Event NEW!
+Half-Deer+ Bunny helps with the Decor (Snow)
 +Half-Deer+  Crane the Lightbringer - Silver

Credito< Bellinha Aquila ♥

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